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Monday, April 1, 2013

Glimpse into Monday April 1st 2013

When I first saw the naturopath at the clinic where I get regular acupuncture and massage, I had an assessment done. She noticed that on the left side of my stomach, close to my belly button, there is a firm, sometimes raised area. I have been aware of this for years.
She explained that this was a clogging in my energy flow; that it indicated my liver energy was deficient.
A few days later, I was considering this idea. Then I burst out laughing.
I remembered that a gastroenterologist I saw a few years ago found that spot and explained that it is my aorta, which could be felt because I am slim.
So which is it; a blockage in my energy flow, or a vital part of my anatomy?!
                                                            Nature or science?!

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