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Friday, April 5, 2013

Glimpse into challenge number 13

In February, my good friend and I started a six week beginner's yoga course. I have always thought yoga was gentle stretching and meditation, and would be too boring and slow to keep me interested. How wrong I was! I decided to give it a go because I have such a low tolerance for exercise at the moment, but am feeling the effects of being so unfit and inflexible due to so much of my time spent resting.
Within the six week course, I missed two classes due to dizziness and feeling unwell, and I have gone to two normal classes since we completed the beginner's course. I love it! I can feel my body being stretched and strengthened, and challenged! Sometimes the up and down repetition is not good with my postural hypotension, but I feel comfortable trying as my friend is nearby! The class is hard work for me, and I am sweating and exhausted by the end, but feel loose, stronger and invigorated.

As part of my Project 29, I plan to keep with it for the year (at least!). At the moment, making one class a week is an achievement, and I will gradually increase to doing two when I can. I will post pictures of my progress, to show that I am progressively achieving challenge number 13 - learn yoga!

This is my downward dog after six classes. There is a lot of improvement needed that I can see in the photo, but it is better than in week one!
How it is meant to look! (and how I intend to look when I do a downward dog by my 30th birthday!)......

The real pros! ;-)

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