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Monday, January 3, 2011

Glimpse into Jan 3

This afternoon, after a day of watching the cricket, Dan and I went to West Beach and lay in the sun (after 5pm for a couple of hours - daylight savings is awesome!).
I owed Daniel an hour long massage after losing several games of Foosball a few weeks ago. I won a bet before he got that though and won a 30 minute massage, so I had refused to give his before he gave me mine!
He finally gave it to me yesterday, but he always has such a warped sense of time, it was definitely not 30 mins! After a long time massaging him today, Dan rolled over and said thank you and was that about 40 mins?...I looked at the time; it was only 30 mins!! Now I only owe him another 20 mins!!
Ssshh don't tell!

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