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Friday, January 14, 2011

Glimpse into Jan 11

I love noticing how my life and its routine intertwines with other people's.

I aim to leave home at 6:40am and I walk down a side street to the main road and down the hill to work.

I pass the window of one apartment and I know I am on time if I can hear the shower is running; I am late if the person is already finished (or they are super late!). I smirk sometimes when I am sprinting to make up time and I can hear the shower, because I know they slept in too!

When I cross onto the main road, I often see these two people arrive on one bus, leap off and run full flight around the corner. The man calls the first bus as he gets to the bus stop, and the woman is always waiting for the next. They don't know eachother, but their life has intertwined with eachother's, like their's has with mine.

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