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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A glimpse into changing our focus

Something which I have come to realise is that the small things in life, which we so often overlook, can actually be defining and motivating moments which can change our course, our perspective, our appreciation and our happiness. When the universe forces us to stop, due to something like a chronic illness, it is often then when we realise the beauty and wisdom in such small moments.
Today, I was fascinated by the stunning shape and texture and colours made by a tree's thick bark, slowly bending and shedding itself from the trunk. I would never have contemplated such a simple thing prior to my illness, but now that my body has slowed me down, I see things differently. 

This has made me think, why do we wait until something forces us to see the little things? 

I have decided to start a new blog series. I want to help people see the good in each day. 
If you are rushing about, too busy with life, this is pertinent for you. Start to look at the small things, and make the most of the opportunity to do so without being forced to stop. 
If you have already been slowed down, this is also for you. I have really noticed how ackowledging the small things helps me get through each day, when the big things can seem so overwhelming. Instead of focusing on what you can no longer do, or the financial worries you might have, or the people you don't see anymore, look at the amazing things that blossom within the tiny moments of each day.

As often as possible, I will put up on the blog a short post consisting of the following list:

~ See the good (small things to be grateful for)
~ Feel the happy (small things to be happy about)
~ Brighten your mind (small things to be fascinated by)
~ Find the moment (small things to plan to see/do/feel)

I am calling this series "Magnifying Moments".

I hope you join me on this journey of making time to put more focus on the little things, and gaining the understanding of the enormity of doing so. I would love to hear about what you see along your journey too, and how these thoughts and moments enhance you and your life.


  1. Sounds beautiful. I love hearing the birds singing. Even the magpies have a beautiful warble and they have been very noisy of late!

    1. I love their sounds too. This afternoon, my mum and I were sitting in the lounge, both reading separately. There was a bird making a repetitive song. Then mid way through one of its repetitions, it just stopped! Both Mum and I just burst out laughing, unaware we were both listening. It was so funny that it just stopped mid way, as if it were distracted by something!