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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glimpse into Wellness Wednesday Week 7 2014

Welcome to the new blog series: Wellness Wednesday! 

Exercise is a scary word for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME), and other chronic issues. I know I struggle with balancing the desire to get back to my active self, and the fear of causing yet another relapse due to even light exercise. So this blog series will focus more on the idea of moving and using your body and mind, at your level, when and if you can. If you are healthy and fit, then amp up the movement to your level. Anyone can be involved in Wellness Wednesday!

*Remember to always check with your doctor before you start any new physical activities.*
*I am not a personal trainer. These are ideas I have discovered along my journey. Ask a local trainer if you need guidance with movements so you do them safely.*

Today we are going to start out with the basics....walking! Walking is so good for you. So go on, get out there! This week, try to increase how much you walk. 

If you are bed bound, try to move your legs back and forth while lying on alternating sides. Or if you are in a wheelchair, move your feet out and in, bending at the knees, a few times. Or if you can not move your legs, move your arms, or enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while you move along in your chair outside.

If you are very unwell but can get up for a little bit, think about adding a few more steps on your way to the bathroom, or the fridge for example.

If you have limited exercise tolerance like me, try to add in one or two short walks with a supportive friend or family member - somewhere different to where you usually rest, such as in your garden or a park. Not only do you move your body, loosen your muscles, increase your blood flow, and get vitamin D, but you can enjoy the company of another, and the fresh air!

Keep adding, step by step, but only when your body is ready. Do not push yourself until you are well enough to do so. There is dispute whether exercise helps people with CFS/ME, but gentle movement, at your level, will help your body and mind stay happy and rust free!

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