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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Glimpse into Motivation Monday - week 8 2014

This week's Motivation Monday...

This is especially apparent in chronic illness, due to the ongoing unwell times and loneliness, and then the stressful visits to doctors, endless tests, worry about employment and your lack of independence, and how you will get your life back on track, the loss of friends, and life plans and loved activities. Sometimes it can all feel unbearable. 
What I try to tell myself when I feel like this is that this is just how life goes. This is what it is all about, and by getting through the tough times, we get to the good times. Some things are hard, and they hurt, and they are unfair, but if we can not change them we should not focus on them. It is the hard things that we do have control over which we should put our energy into. Let go of the unchangeable, accept it, and adjust to it, and work on what you can change.

And sometimes, when everything happens at once, it will be the good things. 
Just take each ball as it comes. Accept the strikes, and hit the others out of the ball park. We can do it.

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