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I love finding new worlds through writing and reading. I am excited by creating new flavours and tastes in the kitchen. I am fascinated by nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. I adore my my dog, family and friends.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Glimpse into Wed May 11th

Night duty life at the moment. Sleeping, reading, eating and working. :-)

Glimpse into Tues May 10th

Dinner for one. I am missing my boyfriend big time today.

Glimpse into Mon May 9th

I spent the day shopping and cooking to have Mum and Dad over for a combined Mother's Day and Birthday (for Dad) celebration.

We had a lovely time; the three of us, eating, relaxing and chatting. I love being nearby again after so long.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Glimpse into Sun May 8th

I enjoy learning new things; taking on new interests...Since knowing Daniel, I've got to know a lot about Formula 1, something I had previously known nothing about. I am impressed with myself tonight...Dan is not here, but here I am watching the lead up to the race after work, and am excited to watch the race in just minutes!

Glimpse into Sat May 7th

I went to work today and came home early because of stomach pains. I am thankful for such caring fellow employers who organised my patients so that I could go home. I wish I had my boyfriend home and near, but I've done ok by myself; wedged permanently on the couch :-)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Glimpse into April

Glimpse into Fri April 1st

I am so very thankful for having fabulous friends and family; for being alive and well; for the sun and the rain. I had such a lovely day today, making me feel happy and loved, and relaxed and energised. A gym class, cupcakes and shopping with a great friend, a DVD with my parents, pizza and tv with a sweet boyfriend. Not much more you could ask for :-)

Glimpse into Sat April 2

Today is one of those days when the universe hears that you are enjoying life and are happy, and so it comes along and slaps you in the face.

Glimpse into Sun April 3rd

A day spent with friends on the water in an infatable boat. If you can call it that! Laughs, food, friends.
Glimpse into Mon April 4th

This is my stomach. We are not friends. She causes me pain, and the range of food she lets me eat is decreasing at an alarming rate. Today, she caused me pain all day while I tried to work.

Glimpse into Tues April 5th

Today I worked in the Intensive Care for the first time at the Mater, as my ward was overstaffed. I drew on my experience in the ICU in Adelaide, and found it quite an educational and enjoyable day. One-on-one nursing can be quite full on, interesting, moving, boring, and exciting. I may have even contracted Whooping Cough in the process!!

Glimpse into Wed April 6th

I love going to the gym. I find group classes most enjoyable, and love the way the upbeat music makes the pain go away!
I also treated myself to Glee season one and an arvo of veging on the couch (in between doing the dishes, washing clothes, vacuuming, and groceries!).

Glimpse into Thurs April 7th

Today, I became a red head. Firey?! We'll see..... ;-)

I intend to update this fully, but at the moment, I'm not blogging at all because I keep trying to just update the past!! So, I will update from now, May 7th, and patch up the past as much as possible   :-)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glimpse into Wed Jan 26

Happy Australia Day! After doing the last few things to be organised for work, I spent the afternoon on the verandah with Mum and Dad, updating my blog, watching the cricket, eating pate, and roast lamb and vegies, and drinking moscato! Perfect in the heat and sun.

Glimpse into Tues Jan 25

This is one thing I have definetly been craving to do for a long time....spending time with these two lovely ladies! One of my closest, bestest friends and her gorgeous daughter! We had fun making chocolate covered apricot and marshmallows. It really brought home to me the excitement of being back in Brisbane.

Glimpse into Mon Jan 24

I spent the day unpacking, and doing paperwork to get ready for work. It was nice to get organised but hard when I am so tired after such a busy, busy week.

Glimpse into Sun Jan 23

We made it to Brisbane! After driving over 2000kms, playing CD after CD, competing in bubblegum bubble blowing, singing at the top of our lungs, losing feeling to our butt cheeks and downing Powerades and energy lollies, Daniel and I arrived into our new city just in time for dinner.
I feel excited to be back; happy to be near family and friends; apprehensive about whether I'll enjoy work here as much as in Adl; nervous about the changes involved; sad to move away from such a pretty city as Adl; worried that my expectations of Brisbane have been too high; concerned about Daniel settling in and missing Adl; amazed and full of love because someone has moved cities to be with me; inpatient to do everything that I've been craving to do for so long...and overall, I feel eager to give this new chapter in my life a good go!!

Glimpse into Sat Jan 22

Today, Dan and I drove about 800kms. We sang, read to eachother,slept, chatted and ate. We also saw The Dish in Parkes and an open cut gold mine in Peak Hill on the way to Dubbo, where we ate delicious steak and pork ribs with all the trimmings to refuel!

Glimpse into Fri Jan 21

This morning, at 5am, Dan and I left for the start line of the Tour Down Under Community Challenge leg, with the car filled with the last of our gear that didn't go on the removalist truck.
Dan rode out of Adelaide - quite a novel way to move city!- and I drove (nervously up windy, hilly roads next to thousands of cyclists!). I met him at the finish line at Strathalbyn (135kms away!).
Then we drove to Mildura...and now it is really happening...we are moving to Brisbane.

Glimpse into Thurs Jan 20

BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop Today, Daniel and I finished off scrubbing every inch of our apartment together. We locked up for the final time, had a kiss and said goodbye to the first place we lived together in.
We had a pie at our favourite pie shop (O'connell St bakery) and went to stay at our friend Russel's place for a second night. Exhaustion does not even come close to describing how we feel.

Glimpse into Wed 19 Jan

Today, the removalist truck took all our boxes away. It was a relief because it meant the packing was done; but it also meant that the cleaning had to begin!!
Dan and I planted this potato as a leaving momento; a we were here ;-) When we visit Adelaide, we will see if it has grown!

Glimpse into Tues Jan 18

BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop And the packing continues....

Glimpse into Mon Jan 17

Packing up house is a very tedious job that I don't want to do ever again!!! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Glimpse into Sun Jan 16

I spent the day with friends...beach, shopping, dinner, drinks and dancing..what could be better?! Although I haven't made a huge amount of close friends in Adelaide, I've enjoyed meeting everyone I know here. I look forward to keeping in touch, and visiting and being visited :-) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Glimpse into Sat Jan 15

I have enjoyed my time at the Women's and Children's hospital so much. I have learnt more than I had hoped to, worked with great people, and met some amazing patients and families. Today I worked in my favourite ward, Newland; the surgical ward. I had a really good shift. My first shift at WCH was in Newland, and now my last.
Dan was waiting for me outside in the park when I finished work; he had a smiley biscuit as a surprise too! We sat in the sun and chatted, before walking home to get ready for some drinks with friends in the city.
BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Friday, January 14, 2011

Glimpse into Jan 14

This little pig was fat enough to go to market today! Full to the brim, the love pig has been eating up silver coins (5c, 10c, 20c) since last Christmas. Coins weighing in at 6.9kgs and worth $120, this little piggy will help feed our fuel tank on our way to Brisbane!!

Glimpse into Jan 13

I started work at 7am and was sent home at 10am because they had done the staffing wrong and had too many nurses. I came home, got dinner ready early so I could hit the packing for Brissy hard to make the most of the opportunity!
My lunch was a steak, bacon and cheese pie from O'Connell bakery, which is the most awesome 24/7 bakery on the street next to home. I will miss the O'Connell bakery!!

Glimpse into Jan 12

The news of Qld flooding is filling all media and conversation. It is surreal seeing places I know so well part of a natural disaster. It is stressful watching it from afar.

Glimpse into Jan 11

I love noticing how my life and its routine intertwines with other people's.

I aim to leave home at 6:40am and I walk down a side street to the main road and down the hill to work.

I pass the window of one apartment and I know I am on time if I can hear the shower is running; I am late if the person is already finished (or they are super late!). I smirk sometimes when I am sprinting to make up time and I can hear the shower, because I know they slept in too!

When I cross onto the main road, I often see these two people arrive on one bus, leap off and run full flight around the corner. The man calls the first bus as he gets to the bus stop, and the woman is always waiting for the next. They don't know eachother, but their life has intertwined with eachother's, like their's has with mine.

Glimpse into Jan 10

Another step towards our move to Brisbane....a clean and sparkly car for the drive from Adelaide to Brisbane.... :-)

Glimpse into Jan 9

Packing for Brisbane has begun!

Glimpse into Jan 8

Dan and I joined friends Mat, Liz and Ian at the Grand on The Bay for dinner and drinks.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Glimpse into Jan 6

I have been sick today..walked to work, got half way and had to ring to cancel. So this (as well as the inside of my eyelids!) has been my view all day...

I'm loving Maxalon right now :-p. And the boyfriend who did all the housework and made me dinner.

I got a job for Brisbane today in my old ward. Very exciting. Everything is falling into place for the move.
Also, I set up another blog today to put down some of my writing ideas...when I start using it, I will let you know!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Glimpse into Jan 5

I spent the day thinking about Missy. A couple of weeks ago, she spent her 16th Christmas with us as a Blackwell.
After a long and fun life, today, she joined Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown, Snowy, Val, Tine and all our fish and cats.
I love her loads and will miss her. She has been part of my life for more than half of it!
Enjoy running on the beach Mookie xoxoxo

The Mooks!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Glimpse into Jan 4

Today, I worked with some very sick young children. There was one baby in particular who made me remember that little things should absolutely not be worried about (as hard as that is to put into practice). Things like the first day back at work after a holiday shouldn't be dreaded.
Family and friends should always be hugged and loved.

Today is also 2.5 years after I first met/started dating Daniel. We made a lovely Mexican dinner together, and even shared a drink in the sunny evening.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Glimpse into Jan 3

This afternoon, after a day of watching the cricket, Dan and I went to West Beach and lay in the sun (after 5pm for a couple of hours - daylight savings is awesome!).
I owed Daniel an hour long massage after losing several games of Foosball a few weeks ago. I won a bet before he got that though and won a 30 minute massage, so I had refused to give his before he gave me mine!
He finally gave it to me yesterday, but he always has such a warped sense of time, it was definitely not 30 mins! After a long time massaging him today, Dan rolled over and said thank you and was that about 40 mins?...I looked at the time; it was only 30 mins!! Now I only owe him another 20 mins!!
Ssshh don't tell!

Glimpse into Jan 2

I like to stretch out on my bed and look out the window at the sky and think. My life is suddenly busy at the moment with the sudden decision to move to Brisbane...in only 19 days! There is a lot to organise and plan, so having a few moments out to ponder is appreciated.

Glimpse into Jan 1 - First day of 2011!

Everyday I will give you a glimpse into my life; a little window into what I'm doing, thinking, feeling, loving, wishing....

January 1...New Year's Day

I welcomed in the New Year with Daniel, and 20, 000 other people at Glenelg Beach. We lay in the sand and ate sorbet until the firework show.

In 2011, I will work hard on my health and happiness; this is my resolution.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to my blog

My brain is always working overtime; you can hear the clogs turning from miles away! It is especially noisy at night when everything else is quiet. So maybe if I share some of my thoughts, excitement, disappointments, worries and general mulling with you, things might be a little more peaceful at night. :-)