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I love finding new worlds through writing and reading. I am excited by creating new flavours and tastes in the kitchen. I am fascinated by nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. I adore my my dog, family and friends.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Glimpse into Gembles' ultimate bowl of goodness

I very often talk about the fantastic breakfast I eat daily (and sometimes twice a day!), and have mentioned the basis of it on this blog before. Hence, I can't believe it that I haven't actually gone into detail about it on the blog!! So here it is; you are in for a treat!
This bowl of amazingness has converted yours truly from the ultimate non-morning person, who has always resisted breakfast and only eaten it as a necessity, to someone who pulls their heavy body out of bed with one thing in mind: GET A BOWL OF THAT AMAZING, ULTIMATE BOWL OF GOODNESS...NOW!!!!

Glimpse into my thoughts about chronic illness

I have chosen to write 5 things I hate about having a chronic illness, 5 things that help put a positive spin on chronic illness, and 5 things I still need to learn from or about living with chronic illness. I hope this helps people feel less alone, get some ideas, or understand other people's situation...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Glimpse into choc banana quinoa cookies

You can probably tell, I love to bake, and I love the ease of cookies! This week, I wanted to make a treat that is packed with nutrition, so healthy that I could eat it for breakfast without guilt, and that was super easy to whip up! This is what I developed...a choc banana quinoa cookie!