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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Glimpse into April

Glimpse into Fri April 1st

I am so very thankful for having fabulous friends and family; for being alive and well; for the sun and the rain. I had such a lovely day today, making me feel happy and loved, and relaxed and energised. A gym class, cupcakes and shopping with a great friend, a DVD with my parents, pizza and tv with a sweet boyfriend. Not much more you could ask for :-)

Glimpse into Sat April 2

Today is one of those days when the universe hears that you are enjoying life and are happy, and so it comes along and slaps you in the face.

Glimpse into Sun April 3rd

A day spent with friends on the water in an infatable boat. If you can call it that! Laughs, food, friends.
Glimpse into Mon April 4th

This is my stomach. We are not friends. She causes me pain, and the range of food she lets me eat is decreasing at an alarming rate. Today, she caused me pain all day while I tried to work.

Glimpse into Tues April 5th

Today I worked in the Intensive Care for the first time at the Mater, as my ward was overstaffed. I drew on my experience in the ICU in Adelaide, and found it quite an educational and enjoyable day. One-on-one nursing can be quite full on, interesting, moving, boring, and exciting. I may have even contracted Whooping Cough in the process!!

Glimpse into Wed April 6th

I love going to the gym. I find group classes most enjoyable, and love the way the upbeat music makes the pain go away!
I also treated myself to Glee season one and an arvo of veging on the couch (in between doing the dishes, washing clothes, vacuuming, and groceries!).

Glimpse into Thurs April 7th

Today, I became a red head. Firey?! We'll see..... ;-)

I intend to update this fully, but at the moment, I'm not blogging at all because I keep trying to just update the past!! So, I will update from now, May 7th, and patch up the past as much as possible   :-)

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